Our Promise

Long term succession

We personally lead your company into a successful future on site. The goal is for the company to continue a sustainable growth path. 

We are
not an investor who manages your company from far away with external management and only invests in projects with short term payback. We take care of and continue your life’s work. 

Competent leadership

We have over 10 years of combined professional experience, including leadership roles in our own family businesses and medium-sized enterprises (e.g., heading sales, serving on the supervisory board, managing director). 

To continue steering your life’s work in the right direction,
we aim to combine our SME experience with several years of operations, business development and strategy experience. 

Fair conditions

Great companies deserve a fair purchase price, negotiations, and structure. Together, we will find a solution. 


We are very flexible in the transition arrangement.
Whether you want to retreat to the lake (as our name Lacus suggests) or continue to support us on the advisory board or as a partner – we are keen to accommodate.  

A Fair Partnership